Introduction Gabriel and Black

Hi we are Gabriel and Black, we are doing SLC for 2.5 years now and enjoying the system.
Started years ago with G&S and also did the beginning of DFS. But when we saw SLC is starting we both where fond of it. Cooking your own mails although not always Yum:D

Gabriel is Carpenter and Woodsman, Black is Hunter and Cook.
some friends are helping us so we cover all professions
IF you need help to start SLC, we are helping you just sent an IM to us and we make some time free, Black will do in English, German and Dutch, Gabriel in German.
We also have a store were you can buy for normal prices goods you might need it.
Also we have some fields and herb plots and also animals were you can get some Milk, Eggs, Dung and wool. Iron and other mines to gather, trees to be harvest and more.
in the Tavern you can get some sleep to gain your EP faster than sitting on a chair.
Some potions we created just be carefull to drink them all:D

You can find us on Regalis Second Life Maps | Regalis
it is an Adult half full sim.


Top! I met SLC with them and we are still together today! Recommended! :hugs:

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