Introduction: Eliiana Aura

waves to everyone and smiles a bit on the shy side, though not completely

I am not really sure what to say about myself…

I am -very- new to SL Colonies…still an explorer, in fact…unemployed, just wandering around learning the bare basics. :slight_smile: Not sure what I’d like as a profession, though I am debating farming, cook, or herbalist…even if there are already many in all of those fields. I have a soft spot for animals, love bees, and have always enjoyed pottery…so maybe it’s a calling?

So far, I have fished, crafted a clay pot, gathered some reeds, minerals, etc, relaxed around the fire, and spent a good deal of time using the compass to add ingredients to my modest inventory - not knowing what some are for, mind you…but…hey you never know what you may need and I’d much rather be prepared! :smiley: (Ingredient hoarder alert! lol)


I have been an SL resident for a very long time - 2006, originally. During my time in SL, I have explored many different farming/RP systems, including: LIFE & LIFE 2, AURA, DFS, and beYOU, as well as a couple custom RP systems made for specific sims.

I enjoy roleplay quite a bit, my favorite being medieval. While I am not a historian and could not tell you who won a certain battle in…whatever year in the 1800s, I do love the atmosphere, style of dress, and how it seemed a much simpler time. When the world was not plagued by asphalt and pollution. I may not be the best roleplayer - some para RPers intimidate me, honestly,…but I do enjoy it to the best of my ability and cherish the interactions with others of like-mind.

I also love to fish! In every game I have ever played, I am always most exciting about the dang fishing, and can spend hours casting my rod into the water. I am a big animal lover at heart, and I also have a soft spot for children in SL, even though some have given them a bad rep. I promise not all SL kids have devious intent. :heart:

I enjoy games a bit, and shopping of course. I am not that great at greedy, but I will play. I really like Happy Cat, and more puzzle type games…also love to dance (yes even the more erotic ones in taverns, lol) When not in SL, I enjoy playing MMOs…currently, playing FFXIV online.

I am married - both in SL and RL, and in fact, my husband and I met in SL. A more common story now than it was even a handful of years ago…after two weeks of skype non-stop, he drove 1200 miles to deliver me to his arms, and that is where I currently and will forever reside, Gods willing :slight_smile: He does still play SL, though not as frequently as I, since he works long hours most of the week. Still, you will meet him, I am sure, at some point!

Without going into too much detail, I can say that so far, I am really enjoying SLC. I appreciate its realism and attention to detail while remaining simple and user-friendly. I also appreciate the quality of the items and crafting stations, as well as the versatility players have when crafting items - Bravo, for that, honestly! claps The fact that a cook can literally invent their own recipe? Fantastic and unheard of in any other system I have experienced! While it does add a level of difficulty, not being able to ‘master’ every craft, it makes sense, and I truly do look forward to trading from others, as I meet you all!

I tend to talk alot, so I apologize if this intro is long-winded…but I really wanted you all to get a decent idea of who I am so that perhaps we can become friends and enjoy the journey together. :slight_smile: I would love to interact with your colonies…perhaps take on a job if you need the help? Would love a mentor…and perhaps in future, if I become knowledgeable enough, I could mentor others. My husband and I may very well create our own little slice of the pie - we shall see…if he likes SLC, then most likely we will. In that case, we would love to form alliances and trade partners, if that is a thing!

If you would like to, feel free to message me in-world. I should be searchable…name here is same as SL, just remove the dot, in place of a space, lol. Thanks for taking the time to read and I look forward to knowing you all, as well.


Welcome @Eliiana.Aura - it’s a pleasure to have you join us.

I’m so glad that you are liking the system and that it brings you enjoyment.

I can’t wait to hear more stories about your time in SLC and what you’ve learned as you go along :slight_smile:

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