Introducing the Sand Gatherable: A New Crafting Resource in SL Colonies

Hello SL Colonies Community!

We’re thrilled to announce the general release of our latest addition to the crafting world of SL Colonies – the Sand Gatherable! After an exclusive early access period for our patrons, this essential resource is now available for all our community members.

What is the Sand Gatherable?

The Sand Gatherable is a versatile resource that plays a crucial role in the smelting and brewing processes within SL Colonies. It’s designed to be an abundant and easily accessible material, ensuring that your crafting journey is smooth and uninterrupted.

Key Features:

  1. Unlimited Gathering: Just like water, the Sand Gatherable comes with no gathering limit and no respawn timer, making it a reliable resource for your crafting needs.
  2. Essential for Smelting: Sand is a crucial component in creating various bottle designs in the smelter. With the introduction of the Bottling Station, the demand for sand is expected to skyrocket.
  3. Interactive and Modifiable: The Sand Gatherable is not just a resource; it’s an interactive part of your SL Colonies experience. You can modify its appearance to fit the theme of your land, making it a seamless addition to your virtual world.

How to Get Started:

To gather sand, equip your Small Basket tool and start collecting! It’s that simple. The sand you collect can then be used in the smelter to create an array of bottle designs, crucial for the bottling of different brews and drinks from the brewery and cooking stations.

Tutorial Video:

For a detailed guide on how the Sand Gatherable works and its integration into the crafting process, check out our tutorial video:

Become a Patron for Early Access:

Our patrons had the privilege of accessing the Sand Gatherable a week before its general release. To enjoy such perks and support the creators, consider becoming a patron. Your support helps us continue to innovate and enhance the SL Colonies experience.

We’re excited for you to dive into this new feature and can’t wait to see the creative ways you’ll incorporate the Sand Gatherable into your crafting adventures. As always, we value your feedback and look forward to your creations!

Happy Crafting,
The SL Colonies Team