Introducing The Counter Earth: A New Adventure Awaits! 🌍

We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking collaboration between SL Colonies and the talented Regina, bringing you an expansive roleplay world like never before. Get ready to embark on an epic journey across 256 regions of immersive gameplay in The Counter Earth!

Each grid is a region

:star2: Southern Half: Enchanting Elven Realms :star2:
Step into a breathtaking fantasy world, where towering cities, lush forests, majestic mountains, and mysterious caves await your exploration. Delve into elven culture, hone your survival skills, and immerse yourself in a realm teeming with life and enchantment.

:sparkles: Northern Half: The Last Hope of Humanity :sparkles:
As Earth teeters on the brink of collapse, a portal opens to a fresh start on Counter Earth. Leave behind the chaos of the modern world and embrace a simpler, nature-centric existence. This medieval-inspired region offers a refuge where humans can rebuild, reconnect with the land, and rediscover their true essence.

Northern lands are not yet under construction

:earth_americas: The Story Unfolds: A New Chapter Begins :earth_americas:
Imagine a planet on the verge of destruction, where natural disasters ravage the land, and resources dwindle. Amidst the chaos, rumors swirl of Counter Earth—a hidden world governed by enigmatic Gods. Join the adventure as you uncover the truth, forge alliances, and carve your destiny on this extraordinary planet.

:rocket: Your Journey Begins :rocket:
Upon entering The Counter Earth, you’ll find yourself in the introductory zone, consisting of Earth’s City of Preston and the International Space Station. Learn the ropes, immerse yourself in the rich lore, and complete quests to earn valuable resources. Establish your character and backstory before venturing further.

Space Station - Under Construction

We will keep you updated as the project continues and let you know when it is available to visitors for exploration.

This world is within our own Grid and not part of Second Life. There will be instructions on how to get there, and it will be linked to the whole SL Colonies system. There will be specific items available within this world that can only be obtained by visiting it, or purchasing items from merchants who have completed their travels and bring back goods to Second Life.

We can’t wait to have you with us!


Hmm, what Metaverse is it a part of if not Second Life?

It is an OpenSim grid hosted on our own dedicated servers and is linked to thousands of other grids through a Hypergrid system.

Think of Second Life as proprietary and OpenSims as reverse engineered opened source metaverse with thousands of places to visit and hosted on peoples own machines. Basically an OpenMetaverse with no big bosses making money.


A great project. How can we reach Counterearth? And is it ready to join? I once played in Opem Sim in its beginnimngs. A great place, but unfortuntely rather empty at that time. I am excited to hear about counterearth. So please le us know more access details. Thank you!

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Hi @kari,

It is currently under construction and is not open to the public.

I will do a live stream of it soon to show everyone what we are up to.

We will upgrade our Patron memberships to include different membership levels to The Counter Earth if you choose to live there, own land or have your own private region, etc.

That is good news, thank you!

Hello Everyone, just updating with new photos of the progress in OS.

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Very nice photos, thank you very much @Regina. I am looking very much forward to this world. Allready started my first builds I will take with me to OpenSim.

Thank you, Kari, still have a long way to go, Temujin has handed me a challenge. grins.

Looks great and that’s a lot of work! Are those all new assets or are you exporting from the SL grid?

If I may ask a tough question: Do you actually think there will be enough interest to support it? From what I have seen over the last year in SLC, you can barely get any Patron support in SL, not to mention there has been very little Colony growth so what makes you think people are going to want to “pay to play” off grid?

I am defiantly interested in seeing the final results.

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Thank you, Os is separate from SL. You can’t just upload SL stuff into it. I do know creators from SL use OS to build things before spending real money uploading textures meshes etc. Over here that is all free. When they are happy with their products then they go to SL and spend the mula. :slight_smile:

Most of the items I have gotten from freebie stores on other grids through what is called hypergriding. As well as bringing in my own assets.

Temujin and I are building a dream world, there is no expectation of our world flourishing with 100s of patrons. What it is, is a thank you to all the patrons we do have as well as all SLC members. There is no pay to play, unless you are referring to having a region which in SL you pay $230 a month plus. Some can’t afford this.

Before leaving SL, I was paying $550 a month on two regions, Temujin and I wanted to build a world together. The cost of SL is very high. The world we are building with a lot of content by the time we are done would cost us $60,000 a month in SL. In OS, it costs us less than two regions in SL.


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