Improvements to Fishing

We’re in the process of enhancing how the bottles work in fishing for discovering new recipes!

Right now, we’ve added over 380 new recipes you can discover in fishing over the previous 158 that were already available.

We’ve now updated the bottle system to automatically add new cooking and alchemy recipes that players have invented so that they can be discovered through fishing.

We’re now in the process of building in a check into the bottles so that they won’t ever give you the same recipe that you have already received through the bottle system.

We will also possibly build in a feature that you will have a higher chance to discover a recipe that has to do with the profession you are currently of.

We are also looking into ways into what will happen if a player has discovered all the recipes there currently are? We’ll probably include a type of easter egg game that allows a player a chance to win a prize. Perhaps a spinning wheel on the website or something similar to make bottles still fun to get during fishing, until someone invents a new recipe!

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You know cooks aren’t going to like this (Vu doesn’t…his response was, “Whyyy?”. This means their proprietary recipes go public. I can definitely see letting in-game staples show up in bottles, like syrup or things that are the basic things you get from using a station. Things where ingredients are mixed by the players I think should be proprietary.

Just our four cents…

I agree with Vudon. I don’t know that player made recipes should be discoverable or able to be reverse engineered. Especially if your recipe wins a rezzable dish. That gives you something truly unique to make and sell that nobody else has.

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Unfortunately the way reverse engineering works. You can bring anything to that station and get the ingredients (though not the amount of ingredients).

In terms of discovering someone elses cooking recipe, as it stands you have a 1 in almost 600 chance to land on someone elses recipe.

The idea in a roleplay sense is that someone has somehiw discovered your recipe and written it down somewhere. That bottle ends up washed away in the oceans. Someone finds it and the note vanishes after reading. Not stored anywhere. If they did not write it down its lost to them forever.

How the system works either way is you can discover someone elses recipe just by playing around with combinations anyway, until you land on the correct combination.

If we are going to be making rezzable foods, there needs to be ways for ppl to eventually figure them out built in.

In real life. Chefs make dishes, ppl eventually dicover the ingredients and make it as well through eating and tasting etc.

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Also in terms of cooking recipes, I thought this was a better idea than just announcing a rezzable food and in the image include the recipe for everyone to see so that they could make it.

We made it so, initially, the recipe creator will be only one able to make the recipe (unless someone else figured out same combination) and the creator can decide whether or not to come in store and sell to the chef to earn their coins, which makes that food then available for purchase (but only however many the creator sells to the chef vendor). The creator decides whether or not to make that food item available.

If they chose not to do so, then their recipe stays private until someone eventually gets their hands on that item through trade (if not rezzed out on a table, since you cannot do anything with rezzed foods but consume it) or through fishing which will be a long process.

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After looking at the winning recipes I can tell you that with the types of recipes @Vudon has made, his recipes will be really had to crack through reverse engineering for very simple reasons.

All his recipes are layered with more custom recipes inside them. So to make his recipes, you also need to know how to make the other recipes that he has created as base requirements within.

I don’t think he has to worry about selling his items to the chef in the main store at all.

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As I was working on my recipe this was the idea that I had. To make the final component made of other custom components.

Speaking of making recipes. When you enter the text is this viewable somewhere by players to add a bit of description and flavor text to an item?

I want to create a nice description for my items, but I’m not sure the purpose because I don’t see it show up anywhere.

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I’m sure we will make them show up somewhere. So feel free to write a nice description.

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