Improved fishing with experience

I was thinking that it would be nice to have it where the catch rate improves with experience while fishing, and perhaps be able to catch different/better items the more experienced one is at fishing.

I agree. I think fishing could make a good little casual side profession like the smelter. Maybe even give them the option to target a certain species, use different kinds of bait etc…


Would also be a nice addition if smiths were given the ability to craft better fishing rods for higher level fishers which improves catch rate and/or gives the ability to catch better fish. And/or maybe some way to make bait which also has these features.


Did this ever happen, or did it lack the votes?

I don’t want to take-back my vote if it’s still on the table. xD

I believe that the discord distracts our attention, hindering the engagement here

I am rarely on Discord, so, I don’t know much about that.

I take it you don’t fish much, and thus can’t verify if there’s “increased skill/catch” stats for those who fish most often (getting better at fishing)?

my wife fishes yes, i haven’t noticed anything different until today. every time she goes fishing she uses around 5 or 6 “simple fishing sticks”. we still haven’t used the “fishing rod” to say if it works differently.

No, this has not happened yet.

We have discussed having fishing tournament units available on a sim, which, when activated, changes the catch rates and the types of items you can get whilst fishing.

And the ability to weigh your catches to determine winners of a prize set in the tournament unit.


I want to confirm that this idea has now been added to our production timeline.

We will make it so that you will gain fishing experience points as you fish. As you reach certain levels of experience, you will gain access to better loot tables with higher chances of catching something, followed by higher chances of catching something more useful.

There is no timeframe for this; know that it has been added to our list of things to do; it will happen; just a matter of time and patience.


I think it would be neat to make an actual fishing profession.

Something simple like the smelter. Doesn’t have to be too involved, but having the ability to use different baits and target a certain species.

Also with an improvement to catching % at higher levels.

Would be a nice idling profession for casual players.


That’s a pretty brilliant idea! A fishing profession, for the “relaxed” player. xD Especially, also, the idea of different bait and targeting fish species! Not that an everyday player new person can’t still fish with a stick, I imagine, but no CXP and no targeting… you catch what you catch as it is. I think that’s a rather fun idea. Thanks for suggesting it!

adding… I just thought-- Bamboo and or sugar cane cane-poles? Farmer and Carpenter team for making the upgraded tool for the Fisher profession?

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