[IDEA] Top Player Boards - In Store

Just an idea for stat boards to go up in the main store for people to see.

Boards with a list of the top 5 or 10 players in certain categories:

  • Richest players
  • Most CXP
  • Highest Player Level

Anything else? Vote!

I like the idea, but max cxp and top level aren’t equal across the board as some professions are so slow.

Would be impossible for an herbalist to keep up with a farmer who can craft infinite baskets with no down time.

Maybe if we could break them down by profession statistics.

Maybe even largest custom economy to let people know what other alternative coin is out there.


I have to agree with @Lilianath on this one. Some professions are crazy slow to level, compared to others. Most active economy, available coin types, those would definitely be useful info.

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Off Topic: Did you know that both your names are rare, yet your names confuse me of who is who? @Lillith @Lilianath


That’s okay. We confuse me, too! :rofl::

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Lol there is a reason I chose mine. I’m sure there is a reason she chose hers as well :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, they do look similar. I was surprised the first time I encountered Lilith at Crimson Hollow.