[IDEA] Repair Option for Tools

i think it´s a good idea that we can repair our tools…
tool go to zero…u take it to the table give ingredients to it and repair to 100%.
eg. smith, carpenter…

what u think about it?

I think if the tool gets to 0 it should break and be gone for good.

But, if you repair your tool before it reaches 0, you can repair your tools for half the cost of materials it would if you had to make a new one.

It would work the same as our weapons. If weapon durability goes to 0, you break our weapon and it is useless. But you need to repair your weapon and keep its durability up.

We plan on making weapons so that each time you repair them, the maximum durability drops a little.

We could do the same if it’s even possible to repair tools. Each time you repair, the maximum durability will drop.


yes that’s what i meant. sure if it’s 0 then it’s already broken :))

Not sure I like that. First you are effectively destroying the market for the blacksmith selling tools, which effects the carpenter making the handles, and indirectly the smelter.


who do you mean? and i don’t quite understand what you’re trying to say?

I have to agree with Vudon on this one. It devalues several of the roles already established and more or less balanced in the game, and throws that balance off. Giving tools what amounts to unlimited durability eliminates a considerable portion of the Smith’s work.

Granted, if weapon making takes off, the Smith may have more to do, but even so, I think once the initial rush for weapons wears off, that will taper off since weapons already have an almost infinite durability if you take care of them. If you do the same for tools, the Smith will be able to make and sell a handful of tools, and his or her usefulness in the system is pretty much done if players take care of their stuff.

I don’t think it’s a good idea, myself.

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what I mean is if you( you being the game) make tool repairable then the players who actually make those tools to sell are negatively effected, the market for what they make just got drastically cut, this would be the blacksmith and the carpenter, as well as the smelter who makes the ingots used to make the tools. What this also does if take large step towards making this a solo game, you buy the tools you need 1 time after that you just repair them yourself eliminating the further need for other professions. Even if you make it so the durability drops with each repair you are still greatly reducing the importance of the other roles that make the tools. The effect this would have is that instead of charging 30 or so for a tool they now charge 3000 because instead of selling a couple a week they now only sell 1 every couple of months, so they either charge way more to make a “living” or they stop making them all together because it is wasted time and effort.

I think it was misunderstood, NOT EVERYONE should be able to repair. ONLY the classes that can also produce these tools. so the blacksmith zb nothing is taken away. the blacksmith would provide of it. if he gets 10 broken hammers to repair and makes new he needs only half the material! and can sell the 10 hammers as NEW.

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what you are suggesting would require the tool to be tradable after it is already in use. This would be the only way for another person to be able to do the repairs, unless you are going to make a repair station specific for each class that can repair where the owner of the tool can set it out, as in rez the tool which also means every tool would then need to be a rezable item like weapons. simular to the repair station for weapons except the profession , say black smith ONLY can use it to make the repairs once a tool is rezed on it. then only the person who owns the tool can retrieve it. This seems like a whole lot of coding and changes to make all the items rezable. I my be wrong about the amount of code needed.

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i know what you mean VUDON and yes it is up to the makers if it is feasible :slight_smile:

Weapons will not have indefinite use. Nor would repairable tools.

Every time you repair a weapon (and if we do that with tools) the maximum durability will devalue until it makes no sense to spend resources or time repairing it and just getting a new one.

We are already implementing this to weapons, as we don’t want weapons to be indefinite.

Not if the maximum durability effectively drops each time you repair them. Still making them break down over time. And it consumes materials to repair, perhaps those materials are different depending on whether the tool is made at a smith or a carpenter, kind of like requiring a ‘smith repair kit’ or ‘carpenter repair kit’.

This method wouldn’t be possible, as @Vudon stated, tools are not transferrable.

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Tem, I understand the durability dropping each time repaired, but this STILL greatly impacts the professions that actually make the tool, especially if they are making them to sell. as an example a bill hook has 100 durability/uses. now if you lose 5 durability/uses each repair this means you can repair it many times before you need to get a new tool. So even if you repair it 10 times instead of the possible 20 you have cut the number of bill hooks the blacksmith can sell by a factor of 10. This means the carpenter sells fewer handles, the woodsman sells fewer planks, and the smelter even though they sell materials for the repair are still selling less.

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Understand that concern.

However, I also mentioned another potential solution to this problem above.

What if repairing weapons and tools requires you to consume new items which are added to the system that the smith and the carpenter make.

For example, a Smith Repair Kit or a Carpenter Repair Kit. This would increase the demand for those professions and include tools that are not made by the smith or carpenter, such as Clay Jars, Clay Pots, Small Baskets, Seed Bags and so on.

What are your thoughts on this?

I dont like the Idea of repairing tools… The game is ment to be played by all players, and reducing the playb tiome of some classes by making what they produce a 1 time to produce thing is not allowing the game to be played. Things are ment to be disposable so everyone gets to play. The Only reason that weapons are repairable is to add playability to the system, most other systems Weapons are permanent Items and dont degrade… Items degrading ensures the future playability of all classes… Allowing tools to be repaired would not add playability to the system, it would only reduce the need for the classes that produce the tools… At that point you might as well just make them permanent… This is a Survival RPG. In Survival RPGs tools break, weapons break, and you need to craft new ones to keep going… When we were originaly designing the system we breefly debated having a break percentage chance so every time you used your tool it could break without you knowing it… We decided that would not be fair to players, so we decided to go with the durability system… And Allowing Repairs on tools might seem nice in the short term for the single player, in the long term it would harm the system as a whole.


now Having said all that, We do have plans in the Future to create a Recycling station. And I was thinking when a Tool breaks you could get a broken version of that tool in your inventory that can be placed in a recycling station to reclaim a small portion of the base materials.


That sounds nice. Getting materials back for broken items and things that are no longer in use by you.


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