[IDEA] PvP Mode Toggle on Region Servers

I understand PvP is not yet fully functioning and weapons are currently still a work in progress and being created by players etc.

My idea is to have a toggle on a region server for RPG sims that want to enforce PvP on their land.

PvP toggle will make sure everyone’s PvP mode is automatically set to on and cannot be turned off while in that region.

I like that idea.

It still gives players agency over it by deciding where they play, but gives region owners the final say to be able to encourage that type of play and increase the risk.

I suggest three server modes:

Always On:
Player Choice:
PVP disabled: this is a good option for someone who wants to host events. I’m also a Progeny Vampire player and it is 24/7 open PVP grid wide. While this is exciting for most it makes it incredibly difficult to host an event or community activity and opens your land up to griefing by other players who may not even be associated with your specific community.

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This is along a similar topic but slightly in a different direction.

An interesting idea. (Further down the road though) is use of RLV to create traps that may be used to deal damage in SL C. Good for defending your land or possibly jail cells/cages etc…

Imagine a scenario where you have a player stuck in a bear trap with an NPC or player able to attack them.

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I think PVP should always be player-choice. If the option is on for everyone who comes in the sim, or off for everyone who comes in the sim, I’m out. I will not play in yet another system where I am the perpetual target because I’m not a good fighter, or not armed.

You’re also forcing a market that is difficult to fill. Weapons take a lot of time and resources, and they will have to cost a lot for that reason. But what you’re proposing here will demand that every single player have a weapon, including new players who can’t afford the tools they need, let alone a weapon that costs a fortune.

There is always that one asshole who wants to go around killing just because he can. And if you ban them from your land, they just make alts and come in just to grief.

Players who are not interested in a combat game will not go to sims where PVP is on. We will not trade there. We will not play there. We will not interact there. There are MORE than enough combat systems and games in SL. The draw with this one is that it was supposed to be weighted for RP. In a combat game system, RP becomes secondary, and the speed and skill of weapon attacks become primary. If that’s what you want, you’re reinventing the wheel. In a world where the warrior is the only survivor, why play a tavern keeper?

Further, there has been discussion of classes who get cxp for combat. So what are they going to contribute to the community? What will stop them from going sim to sim on a daily basis, killing off everyone they find there?

I get it…in reality, towns could be sacked and all their citizens slaughtered. They could also all die of dysentery but we don’t make a game of that. In the online gaming world where combat is always available, killing is the be-all-end-all goal. Gaming brings out more than its share of thugs, far more than a functioning society can support. Unless you intend to balance this with penalties against thugs, this might drive a lot of us out.

On the other hand, it could make Crimson a very wealthy place…

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Its a sim toggle not a demand for all players to pvp.

A sim owner has the right to make their own rules on their lands.

They can right rules and state to enter the land you must turnbon pvp (and thrn you must or leave its their sim). Giving the sim owner that option to enforce it just helps them out for that particular sim.

If you are not into pvp then you wont go there and you wont trade, simple as that.

Whether or not there is a toggle for this makes absolutely no difference. A sim owner can even close their sim to public and rest of SLC if they so choose.

You would be able to see a sim is pvp on the listings. And lukely the HUD would warn you of that and give you time to react.

A player with pvp toggled on can not enter your sim and attack your community who have pvp toggled off. It goes both ways.

I know when I build an RPG in the future that it will be a pvp region and should you step off the landing zone with pvp off youd be warned and booted. That would be my choice and my right as a sim owner.

Okay then. I have probably misunderstood the vision.

All Im saying is. SLC cannot make the rules for sim owners and tell them whats allowed and whats not allowed.

If you want an adult pony sim, you have every right.

If you want a vampire themed sim, also every right.

You want a gorean sim, thats your choice.

Same with pvp.

SLC provides the tools for RP trade, crafting etc and you as a sim owner do with it as you please.

We have a list of sims, and we would have toggles to advise players what type of sim theyd be going to. RP, PVP, Both, private, open adult, PG etc.

A sim has no requirement to use slc coin or even the market hubs if they so desired.

My problem with it is the part where the player has no say and no defense other than to not come to that region. Those who want to engage in combat can’t if it’s toggled off. Those who don’t want to, can’t avoid it if it’s toggled on.

Vu likes to fight. He also has the good sense not to attack unarmed people just for S&G (most of the time). MANY players don’t have that kind of good sense. So while it would be nice for Vu to be able to chase off brigands or what have you, I don’t want to have to deal with being repeatedly attacked by an avatar driven by a thirteen-year-old who gets off killing unarmed people in a game.

What I’m saying is that it should not be an all-or-nothing deal. Players who don’t want to engage in combat should not be forced to be victims to those who do (and should be able to turn PVP off for themselves), and those who do want PVP should be able to turn it on and fight with others who also like combat.

Is there no way to have PVP enabled at the player level? Does it have to be at the region server level? If so, that’s very disappointing.

I think this is a BAD idea. I get it some people like, want and even need PVP, but , it should ALWAYS ALWAYS be the players choice. As it stands there is already the option of PVP in the hud to turn it on or off. why does there need to be more control( which actually results in far less control). As it stands players who want to engage in actual combat can simply by turning it on in their HUD. there are far more players who enjoy ROLE playing and do not want, or care to do actual combat. I thought the idea was a system of communities who built, traded, and relied on interaction between the sims. This will drive a wedge between the sims and players. It has happened in EVERY RPG , MMORPG and SL metered system I have ever been in; if you have a always on PVP area you will attract the asshats who are there ONLY to kill people and grief them for no other reason than they can, they get their jollies by messing with others. I get it you want “realisim” and someone can attack you at any time. the problem with that "argument " is that there are NO, zero, nada conciquences for randomly attacking or killing other players. there are if you do that in the real world. Let me give you an example, you have PVP always on in your sim, I come in ansd see your wrokers, and craftsmen doing their thing, I am bored so I go kill the couple of people trying to do their crafting and gathering. Why, because I can. so not your people are dead and have to either have healing foods or potions on them to use. or they lay there prone doing nothing but wasting time. Now your town is active with 10 or 15 people now they all have to be armed and be somewhat proficient at combat to be a deterrent to me, yes they could always run away, but if I have a ranged weapon then I follow and kill them. yes they could Teleport away, but that’s cheating isn’t it? can you teleport? even if they can justify how they simply disappeared, I still have succeeded in messing with them because I can effectively keep them from playing. Again , for no other reason than I can.
YES I get it you argue that well it was the players choice to even come into that sim if they didn’t want to fight then they can stay out. So True, but what you are doing in that case is designing a system that is exclusive, instead of what Was originally stated as the goal of an inclusive, interdependent system, based on different sims engaging in commerce.

I have to disagree on a few points.

As I said a bit ago Progeny is PVP enabled 24/7. There are some who specialize in fighting yes. Can they grief yes.

A vast majority of players do not and it has a very large RP community behind it of about 18k players. Including court hearings and all for those who break the rules.

What Temujin is proposing is entirely unique that no other system has.

Every other system is dictated by the creator in how it must be used.

What they are creating is a way for the sim owners to take that control and make a sim that works for them.

With that many people yes you will have some griefers its inevitable.

Even in a non combat sim if they want to grief they will find a way. It will happen given a large enough player base. It will happen and it can’t be fully prevented.

Thats why I suggested 3 modes where the sim owner can allow player toggle if they feel that is right for their sim.

I agree with player toggle. I do not agree that the sim owner should decide the player experience for everyone.

Griefing is what comes after you ban someone and they come back with an alt because you pissed them off. Prior to that, while they’re slaughtering your town, they are “just playing the game within the rules.” I have played in several supposed “RP” metered systems in SL. There is always at least one bully, and generally, there’s a gang of 3-6 of them who target peaceful characters, with one of two replies when you call them out for being jerks:

  1. You knew that you could get killed when you came here, or
  2. I’m perfectly within my rights. The game says so. It doesn’t matter that you have no weapon and never trained. Might makes right.

Of course, you can run away, teleport out of the sim, come back later, detach your meter/go OOC. Or you can stand there and get killed, and hope you still have Chicken Noodle Soup in your inventory. Either way, they have done what they set out to do: They have ruined that game session for you.

This is going to be hell on merchants. Not like they don’t already have a tough go of it.

But it’s all good. It will be what it will be.

Still all I am saying is, that decision should be left to the land owner and community builder to decide how they want to run their sim. It is their choice what they decide to do and whether you decide to visit such a sim would be your choice.

I get it vudon. But essebtially thats a sim owners decision to do. If they believe full pvp is the best option for their sim build, it’s their option.

And we as players can make decision to participate in that sim or not. Right?

Yep. I suppose it is. :disappointed: I was hoping (and under the impression) that SLC was a different experience.

But for clarity, one more question. Then I will leave the topic alone.

You are giving the sim owner the option to force PVP or refuse PVP. But do they have the option to leave it up to the players? IS it an all or nothing?

No it would not be all in or out.

If anything it would be a toggle.

On by default
Off by default

Probably leave it like that and you as the player can override the on or off once youve entered, but you’d likely be breaking a sims rules or agreements once passing their entry/welcome area.

A pvp sim could have a market landing area designated as a safe zone for merchants.

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I am more thinking of 2 Items in the SLColonies essentiald box that I am putting together, these would be invisible prims that can be stretched over an area, and one Box is PvP and the other Box is NO PvP, and while inside the area of the box PvP is either on or Off, and it warns the player when they enter those zones, so it would allow Sim Owners to set up things like PVP arenas or to set a safe zone around markets where combat does not work, could even make the box so ALL combat does not work to prevent people from training monsters into the safe zone