(Idea) Butcher/Ranger combo

Talking to another longtime user of SL farming/crafting systems, I am wondering if others agree butcher/ranger would be better united. Rangers deal with animals like butchers do. The working of leather would fit well as side job for a butcher. I understand and agree a community type of going elsewhere for items is good for the game. I just feel a compromise by combining professions to an extent would still allow for outside colony needs. The use of “supportive” professions is good for casual players, but some professions appear to be a little too light in duties and butcher is one of them since cutting meat is only thing they do. Hunting is a hobby enjoyed and excelled at by people in all kind of professions rl present and past. I am aware the tanning table just got released so it may not be best of times to present this idea, but it has been on my mind.

Hi @doogz75,

The Ranger is being built to be more of not just a Hunter, but a professional when it comes to the upcoming Dungeoneering systems.

They get bonuses in weapon damage, the higher the Ranger level is when it comes to killing monsters. They will also get other stations that are special to them, to use within the dungeon systems coming up later on.

Don’t fear about the butcher being light on duties. This profession is one of the ones we are 'coming back around to for improvements.

Brewery, and Butcher, are all getting a special treatment that will allow more player control. You’ll be able to invent many recipes when it comes to smallgoods making and butchering :slight_smile:


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