[Idea] Artist Work stations for cultural points

Create artist stations ie painters, sculptors, architects, etc. for members to decorate and showoff skills. Dyes can be made already so could possibly do recipes for paint or use clay for sculptors. Possibly make paper/papyrus recipes for books, etc. For painters or sculptors perhaps let them upload a texture or mesh to add a vendor script to so others can buy with coin. All would help increase intelligence.

I like this idea.
We have parchment paper coming up through the use of animal hides, so that would be another good use for parchment, to place onto a wooden frame ready for a texture to be loaded onto it.

Wouldn’t be hard to add a face on the mesh that accepts a UUID to a texture through such a station.

We could use parchment to create books or scrolls as well, that wouldn’t be a problem at all. You create a book and we create a section on our website where, as the creator of that book you can type out your content, add chapters and whatnot.

When clicked, the book opens and takes the reader to the webpage.

With scrolls, they could be worn and transferred to others (or delivered through a pigeon system to the original owner of the pigeon; like a homing pigeon).

Not sure about mesh though and allowing people to upload mesh or how that would work in general. I’m sure we could make some kind of box that accepts mesh of certain permissions ready to go.

The only issue we would come across with that amount of flexibility is licensing and copyright laws and how we control and monitor all that, as we don’t have a team, it’s just Drakkhis and I.


Yes copyright would be hard to monitor I’m sure. So glad you like the idea. Looking forward to seeing what future holds.


So speaking of scrolls. Something I was thinking of doing myself if I ever get the time, but maybe this could roll into this idea.

How hard would it be to make a scroll that one could type the text on and it would attach to the HUD to be read?

I was thinking of doing something like this instead of just using generic notecards to communicate things.

I’ve seen other in world books and magazines do this.

Maybe this artist could also affix your own colonies official seal to a document in some way?


I need to log in to check. But I have some scrolls I use to use in RP that you could write your message into and attach to an avatar to read it on the scroll.

I think G&S might even have that but when you click the scroll, the written message is repeated in chat and show on the scroll.

But I don’t see why this couldn’t be done. And adding a colony seal would be cool too.

We could use scrolls instead of group notices and apply textures to them to show off new products.

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