Greetings :slight_smile:

I thought I would bring this to your attention:

I was in OOC and when I clicked back to RP mode none of the assigned text was appearing in my meter: Name, Title, etc. and when I clicked on the Text menu option, it was non-responsive.

Then I noticed the Tournament option and clicked on that. The countdown text appeared but remains stuck on “Switching To Tournament Mode in 0 Seconds”.

The energy issue has returned too. No Energy is being deducted as a gather and it was working earlier prior to going to OOC and it’s not suddenly correcting itself as it did yesterday with sudden drops. I just gather from 12 reeds and a bunch of pigs.

So I detached and reattached and the energy level dropped, my text reappeared, the Text menu was responsive again but the Tournament menu option was gone… *Shrugs

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Is this a repeatable issue, or did it seem to be a one off?

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Just seems to be a one-off. What I found unusual was the appearance of a Tournament menu button that became available coming out of OOC and then was no longer there after the HUD detach/attach. :slight_smile:

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Confirmed there is an Issue with going into OCC and coming back

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