I guess Pork Kills now

there is noting in the recipe that is toxic but the meat and it should have been cooked out by the stove. It was not. Hunters 8 pork chops still does not kill you but a recipe I scribed in the last 30 minutes will. I realize you just recently changed many ingredients to Food. perhaps you forgot that stoves can cook toxin out of ingredients but not out of Food… @drakkhis

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Ah, that was me. I changed a lot of ‘ingredients’ into Food, and now I realise I need to back track some of those changes, particularly those that have sickness stat. Otherwise the stove can’t cook out the poison stat. I will fix that now.

thank you because that is particularly sad when I create a dish from RL and find it’s not edible.

I have changed them back to ingredients. Is the recipe you made a new one or an old one and it already accounted for that sickness change?

I only just scribed it as a recipe on my cook. so it was entered in the system recently.

[16:54] [SLC] Cooking Station: You have started crafting 1 Sweet N Sour Pork Ribs. This craft will take 10 minutes to complete.

Let me know if it adjusts. Otherwise I will need to go through and make sure anything that is cooked that has a sickness that shouldn’t have, I will set back to 0 sick.

still showing as toxic in inventory

Ok, think I fixed it. I went through the database for foods with poison stat.

not toxic now. I guess I will go whip up more thanks.

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this is just lamb chops. I hat to think that puppet is trying to get revenge.

is that 8 x lamb chops or something? Have you cooked them to remove the sickness?

if the sickness will be removed it shows in the hud normally it is 8 lamb chops. no I have not cooked it yet or scribed it. so that you do not have to try and find the finished product to fix it as well.

Lamb Chops by themselves are def just an ingredient now and back to what it was, so wouldn’t know what’s causing that issue now if any… hmmm

best of luck tracking it down I need to go get some real food al this pixel fuel is making me hungry…

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