HUD and Meter v0.17.0

New Update sent out today for the HUD and the Meter. This update fixes some minor issues Addressed by the community like being able to trade different currencies with the money bag, as well as the hover height of the campfire (the hover height of the Campfire from the Server will have to be addressed in the next region Server Update).

This update also makes slight changes to the Menu to receive Rezzable Items from the system, and Adds support for Furniture.

There are also Some Future Release Features baked in.


/me sulks.

But you still didn’t make it phantom! Temujin promised you could make it phantom, Drakkhis!

/end teasing.

Good job, guys!


Gosh darn it, I knew I forgot something. I bet there are a couple more things we wanted to do since the last update of the HUD that we wanted to push with this one and completely forgot about it…