How to kill farm animals?

And how do you kill an animal then? I can’t find it anywhere. I have the butcher knife. Thanks.

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Hello @axelnaxos2008,

The butcher knife is just to cut portions of meat to make various offcuts used in cooking.

To slaughter an animal, you need a weapon. The specific weapon which allows you to kill an animal with just 1 hit, is the Slaughter Knife.

If you use any other weapons, it will take more than 1 hit.

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Okay, I bought the wrong knife. Let’s say I have the Slaughter Knife in hand. How is it used? Thanks.


Like all of our melee weapons.

Go into mouselook
Left click and hold the left mouse button
Press one of your direction arrows. Works best with WASD keys.

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But please don’t kill the animals at Crimson.

I notice you’ve been taking advantage of the public items (which is exactly why they’re there!), and while it probably should go without saying, the animals on the ground are to be used for milk, eggs, wool, and dung ONLY so they’ll be available to everyone who visits Crimson Hollow.



I will never kill other people’s animals (laughs), even if I had bought the right tool (more laughter), the necessary knife doesn’t exist in the market. I just wanted to test the system stuff… taking the opportunity, thanks for your public space!


Sorry, I will also add.

Weapons are different to how tools work also. They are basically a rezzable item.

When you find a weapon, such as the slaughter knife, you will need to go to your inventory in the HUD and click on Get Weapon. The system will then send you a weapon crate. You will need to rez that weapon crate onto the floor in front of you.

Do not open the crate’s contents and pull the contents out, this will not work.

You will need to left-click on the crate and a menu will pop up, asking which of the weapons suit that crate type you would like to claim, ie: Slaughter Knife

When you click on the slaughter knife, the knife and the sheath will rez on top of the crate. Give it a few seconds and wait for the textures of that knife to be applied to the item. If you pick them up straight away, the item doesn’t get time to set itself up and will not work when worn.

Once you pick up your weapon parts, wear them like anything else on your avatar and you can then type /5 draw and /5 sheath to draw and sheath your melee weapons.

To use them, hold your left mouse button, and use your WASD keys or movement arrows to perform different moves.


Very good, thanks so much!

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And about the “Slaughter Knife”

  • from what I see access is just becoming Patreon?
  • or could I place a requisition on the market?
  • what is its durability? how many animals can you kill?
  • after that, it’s disposable and I need to buy another one?
  • all this as a farmer, would I be fit? kill, cut into pieces and even some cooking recipe?

Patron? Anyone can own weapons.

Place an order on the markets.

Weapons are not disposable. You can keep them sharp and durable by using a sharpening wheel and a weapon repair bench.

Slaughtering, anyone can do.

Cutting into precise portions of meat is for the Butcher.


Is it an affirmation? Is this in the image corrected?

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The knives require to be repaired before durability hits 0.

If any weapon hits 0, they are permanently broken. They need maintenance.


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