How the sickness stat with Raw & Cooked food works

To clarify how sickness works with food.

When you see food that makes you sick, this is because you are eating them ‘raw’ without cooking them.

We have made the cooking system so that anything up to -9 in sickness will be ignored and removed once you cook the food - that stat will vanish.

If something has -10 or greater sickness stat, it will remain as poisonous on cooking and follow through to the end product, no matter what you do with it.


I made a food item using garlic which had a positive sickness number of 6 on the web when it was listed on the market, but when consumed it actually said the sickness value was -6, which was confusing. I thought maybe my eyes were playing tricks on me as they often do lol


So it actually makes you better not sicker.

Hopefully the new change of showing green and red makes more sense now haha


I accidentally discovered this working with herbs.

It seems like most herbs have a sickness stat before cooking. This bothered me to no end because I couldn’t come up with a good potion.

Most herbs aren’t cooked though lol. I mean you can dry them in an oven, but most people just bundle them and hang them up.

I’m sure you saw all the herbs that I processed.

I was going to ask you, but I haven’t seen you in world.

If I could change a recipe that I made previously messing around with the cooking station to be uniform with all the other herbs.

I cooked a test herb for sorrel one time and if you look its way different than what I did for all the others.

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I agree about herbs not usually being cooked, though they can be! And cooked with, if you’re thinking about them like spices or teas and such.

I also found it interesting none of the flowers (so far) I’ve played around with, have edible value, when a lot of them do, RL. Some Tulips included, though, not always all of the plant, I realized they’re being used for dyes here, yes? That’s why? Besides, ya know, how many people in today’s world make salads with flowers in them? xD

Anyroad, THANK YOU @TemujinCalidius for clarifying how the sickness and raw/cooked works! Very helpful!

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I know some of my co workers used to make dandelion tea, but they are considerably older than me.

You can’t just go picking yard greens anymore with the amount of chemical treatments on them lol.


Which is a shame because they are apparently more nutritionally dense than kale and spinach! I used to drink a coffee substitute with dandelion in it called Dandy Blend, but can’t remember how it tasted lol


i have made a change to the Alchemy station to fix this issue with the hjerbs, so you sould go back and try them again in alchemy and you should get a better effect this time


Been awhile since I’ve checked the forums. I just saw this. I’ll check it out!

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