How Leveling Multiple Classes works

I have been asked a few times on how leveling multiple classes works. So I thought i would put a post here to help clarify any misinformation out there.

There are 2 levels associated with your character at any given time. That is your Player Level and your Class Level. your Player level is the level of all your classes combined (+1 because every player stats as a lvl 1 Colonist). and your Class level is the level of your current class/Profession that you are using.

When you decide you want to switch professions the level of your current profession is saved in the database, and you acquire your new profession at level 1. if you ever switch back to your old profession you pick up at the level you left off at. You are not reset back to level 1.

A change I have just made recently is that switching back and forth between professions will no longer raise your player level. The only time your player level will raise is if you go up in a class level or when you pick up a new class.

I Hope this clarifies how levels and multiple professions work for people.
Enjoy your SL Colonies Experience and as always Have Fun.