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Some lands have rules in their covenants about keeping hover text from being visible from outside the parcel or when viewed from neighboring parcels. So I think it would be helpful to have an On/Off toggle for the hover text of community and storage chests.

I would also like to see this on the weapons jf its nit already available.

It looks strange punching with hovertext on my hands lol


Had I a vote, I would vote for this! My Twin and parcel partner had me move my chests and storage cabinets to a more private section in a skybox so she and other RPer’s didn’t have to see the hover text in the scene of the main “playgrounds”… so, yeah, I’m all for the on/off feature!

I will check back later for when I have a vote available again, to put on this one. Thanks for suggesting it!

We’ve added a hover text toggle to most items. However, we are missing toggles on the storage chests and other items, like weapons. So, I’ll create a new wiki for others to be able to edit and add things that they think require toggles so that we can update the scripts in future.

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NOTE: This is a wiki post. Please edit the post directly instead of a reply, and add to the list as needed.

Items that we’d like to see have a toggle for hover text that don’t currently have that feature built-in:

  • Storage Chests
  • Weapons
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