Hickery tree... for wood and wood chips (for cooking/smoking?)

By smoking I mean like, smoked meats, smoked veggies, etc.

Like “Pine”, Hickory has a lot of species within it, so it’s possible to offer (if you guys wanted/the players really wanted) trees with a little variety in their look, that all still follow the basic Hickory decided grow time and axe + energy requirements.

I don’t know if “wood scraps” could be considered “chips” like may be used in smoking of meats, etc… but if not, maybe they could be? Any wood can be used to smoke meat, most of us (me?) have grown partial to the hickory-smoked smell and taste, which is why I suggest it.

I imagine, for now, the wood chips would need to be added like an ingredient to the cook of meat to make smoked meat.

I also imagine the smoking would add flavor which we can tie to satisfaction/good-feels and thusly energy, so maybe smoking meat and veggies adds a little energy boost? Like a milder catalyst?

In the same line as the feel-good-flavor of smoked meat and veggies, I imagine it may offer a light boost to fatigue too? Again, like a milder catalyst…?

I do think a whole plate/dish could be smoked, but ideally I imagine players would individually smoke meats and veggies to then be compiled into meals.

Just more ideas & thoughts! Thanks!

Hello @RemmyHun,

I love many of the ideas you’ve been coming up with and putting onto the forums.

I have smoking of meats in the timeline, though I never thought deeper into it and the use of wood and so forth.

We are rebuilding the brewer profession first, but the butcher is also on the timeline. The butcher is to have a new station for smoking meats they make and will have more flexibility in their creations, unlike what it currently is.

Thanks for adding the ideas for different types of wood chips.


I’m an idea machine (so to speak) so, thank you for appreciating the output I choose to share! Thank you for liking many of them too! xD

It pleases me much that you’ve already got smoked-meats on the timeline of updates, and I thank you for specifying this is intended for the Butchers (which will come after the Brewer update)! Those details help me weed out ideas as they pop up. xD I offer freely and without expectation.


If you go about Pine varieties… the sap would also be a great collectable for making the likes of turpentine… which is distilled resin/sap, which can be used to thin oil-based paints (which may be for the Artisan profession down the road… ) and also turned into varnish/sealant … and raw, dried and wet forms, can be used as a fire accelerator/torch fuel! (part of another idea…)

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