Herbalist needed

The Rhyzom community and sim searches for an experienced herbalist (Lvl 2 minimum) , preferabely witch, shieldmaid or wise woman to collaborate on a regular basis. Free lodging and land are additional incentives to join a young community off the beaten track. European timezone would be an asset. If interested pls contact Sylvie Morani inworld or visit the land for more information: Second Life Maps | Plissco



Just to inform you all: a herbalist was found! @AnnaGoeldin is a shaman, reincarnated in the homeland of Cernunnos. She was originally persecuted and murdered by Swiss authorities in the late 18th century. Now Anna was reborn to work in the position of a herbalist at Rhyzom. She is currently settling down at her small hut and may soon offer her white (!) services to all SLColonists. For those who wish to visit her home, take the TAXI: Second Life Maps | Plissco

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