Herbalist field (maybe farm field) texture update?

I was aiming for a market stall and got distracted a little seeing the Herbalist Field in the SL Marketplace, and so I curiously watched the video (I don’t think I was around when it first came out and only just now noticed it exists!)…

I’m suggesting that the textures be switched up a bit if possible:

… where post-plow/hoeing, the ground is dark, loose, and rich looking, while before you plow or hoe the section, it looks more pale, sunbaked, compact and dry

— as it is right now in the video, it looks like it’s the other way around. Like, you start with rich damp dirt, and then somehow end with sunbaked, dry, compact dirt?

Maybe no one cares about this detail but me, and that’s cool, I reckon I can ignore it, but I felt compelled to ask/suggest for the sense of that measure of realism I feel like SLC’s is already aiming for.

Thanks for considering!

Lol I never even noticed this. I use the color change as an indication as to whether or not its ready to plant or not.

I think you’re right. It may actually be backwards.