🚀 Herb Garden Explosion at SL Colonies!

Hey everyone in the SL Colonies realm!

Our virtual gardens are teeming with life thanks to our latest update, and we’re overjoyed to share that a full spectrum of 38 herbs is now ready for your planting pleasure! :herb::computer:

One star addition you’ve all been waiting for…

:man_vampire: GARLIC! :garlic: It’s here, as requested, to add a little more bite to your game (and to keep those virtual vampires at bay). Get ready to add a clove or two to your virtual dishes for that extra zing!

Feast your eyes on the FULL range of herbs now available to cultivate:

  • GARLIC (getting the all-caps treatment)
  • asafoetida
  • chamomile
  • cinquefoil
  • columbine
  • feverfew
  • figwort
  • foxglove
  • golden rod
  • golden star
  • goosegrass
  • guarana
  • lady’s mantle
  • lavender
  • lovage
  • nightshade
  • pennyroyal
  • poppy
  • primrose
  • rosemary
  • sage
  • sorrel
  • vervain
  • wintergreen
  • woodruffe
  • yarrow

And joining the lineup are these aromatic allies:

  • Basil :herb:
  • Parsley :leaves:
  • Cilantro :seedling:
  • Thyme :hourglass_flowing_sand:
  • Mint :candy:
  • Dill :blossom:
  • Oregano :greece:
  • Chives :scissors:
  • Tarragon :dragon:
  • Lemongrass :lemon:
  • Bay Leaves :fallen_leaf:
  • Fennel :tada:

With these recent arrivals, your herbalist endeavors are sure to be as fruitful as they are fun! :cherry_blossom::seedling:

Take a glimpse at our lushly updated herb garden:

Let’s give a warm welcome to GARLIC and all of its companions! :confetti_ball: Start planting, share your garden tales, and don’t forget to show off those verdant plots! We’re eager to witness the enchanting oases you cultivate!

Keep growing strong,
The SL Colonies Team