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hello all. so i think i have searched everything now. it is hard enough to make weapons by guessing and testing. then you finally have a weapon and have no idea what to do with it. you ask the nice developers and get told bit by bit how to get your weapon. but how to draw, insert or shoot a weapon that is not written anywhere. maybe it would be possible to put a small FAQ about it in the forum for all to read how to handle which weapon, thanks.

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When you claim your Weapon Crate you should get a NC titled SLC Weapon Instructions that tells you how to use the weapon


Make sure when you claim your weapon and you receive the crate, that you are not right clicking the crate and dragging its contents out.

Weapons do not work that way.

Left click the crate and choose which weapon to rez. A weapon and a sheath will rez on top of your crate and textures will be applied to the weapon.

You will also get a notecard with instructions at this stage.

You can take your weapon and wear them from there.

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ok thanks. i have done as it is described here but have searched in the crate the NC. that the NC lands directly in the sl inventory i would not have thought.

You get a popup to accept the notecard at the same time as you click the crate and claim a weapon. So there are 2 popups sitting behind each other. You must have clicked both times without noticing one is for the notecard.

You can test that by rezzing your crate back out and left clicking it.

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