Help understanding Rezzable food?

I picked up a bunch of the “spicey lemon lobster” with the thought it would be cool to have a few plates on a table any SLC player could walk up to / sit down and eat.

Is that doable?

Assuming yes, I also assume I can just rez them from my HUD (collecting the object in my inventory and then) rezzing to the table and move them about?

And assuming that is correct, I don’t have to worry about it “going bad” sitting on the table? At least as yet in the game?



Yes you can rezz them and then eat them - they do not go bad …. Yet :rofl:


Someone can come around to them and affect the foods with potions though! Someone could poison them on you if you left them sitting.


What?! lol That’s kinda fun!

They can just… like, add the potion to the food while being near it, as example? Does that also mean they could add a GOOD potion without your knowing? Boost the meal while it’s sitting out unattended?

Only wines and such make you drunk? Or are there potions too? Hahaha Curious.


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Correct for potions. If you long left click on rezzrd foods you get options. And your intellect and wisdom stats allows you to determine if something has been affected and allow you to remove the effect or replace the effect.

Yes only alcohol has drunk stat and only brewer profession will have the tools to play with that stat.