Have static header for market listings

It would be a lot easier if there could be a static row for name, price and stats of the items on market listings to see what stats each item has without scrolling up if you do not know what column represents what stat. Not sure if this is a CMS like WordPress that would maybe offer that option.

I think static header would arguably be best, though I also suggest (as an alt or add) that perhaps the background of each column for the stats, match-- to some degree-- the HUD.

I made a google-doc spread sheet for my own reference of items and their stats, and I have both a static header and column colors… where the Energy column is a greenish color(greenishblue if you wanna help red/green color blind folk), and the Health column is a redish color, while the hunger is an orange/brownish color and the thirst is a light blue color… the others I left white backgrounds, and occasionally have to look up to remember which column is fatigue and which one is sick, etc.

Admittedly, I also have all the 0’s greyed out. xD

Anyroad, that’s my 3 cents!


Good idea. When we start redeveloping the market we will look at how to implement this with the software we use.