Hauntable break if turned off to reconfigure

ok so among my alts there are some deer rats and wolves I own. if I turn them off and try to reconfigure they will not turnback on. the deer if I pass them between alts then try to reset them they are fine. The wolves and rats are no transfer so I can’t do that. which means if I try to reconfigure one it breaks. I can’t pass it to you. I can’t reset the script I can’t reinitialize them. :frowning:

Ok seems I only thought they were broke because the did not go invisible. I left some rats out I thought were broken and a few hours later about respawn time they were working again. Damn weird… the rats and wolves are still no transfer even though they say they are on the display.

Ok. Glad you worked them out, weird bug though.

We will push an update in future to make them all transferrable and hopefully fix some bugs.

Everything in the system will be mod and transfer soon, to allow you to customize as you wish to suit your theme.

mod transfer is a good thing because every sim will have it’s own style :slight_smile:

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I agree with that! That’s why we are doing it. Glad you think the same thing :slight_smile:

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