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hello all and hope u can read my english :slight_smile:
i think the spawnrate for the recipies if fishing is a horror. you sit for hours and get with luck 1 recipe. and if you still have bad luck, then you have this recipe already! i understand the background, but sorry i’m not here to fish for hours. i know we can found a view recipies in docus or videos but i think there are too few. i am looking forward to your answers and opinions. this will surely help the makers and maybe you can bring in new ideas that will help the whole community. greetings artemis

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Welcome @artemis.ronas, thanks for your post.

I can surely see the frustration. Perhaps something we could do in future to enhance fishing recipes is to change the way message in bottles work. It could detect which recipes you know and not give you the same recipe twice.

A limitation we will come across with bottles in future is such things as cooking recipes. As we are opening up our system to player invented recipes, the message in bottles recipes will not update automatically to include all the player made recipes. We will need to find a way to generate and update our message in a bottle system to also account for all player recipes in our system.

Might I offer another solution for now also?

Check out the Engineering Table:

There is a feature on this table called reverse engineering. You can sacrifice an item you already have in your inventory as well as some CXP (100) to have a chance at being told what ingredients go into making that product (but it won’t tell you how much of each ingredient).

There’s also a great topic with all level 0 recipes shared as a wiki which anyone can edit and add to as they discover more of these low level recipes:

Hope this helps.