Gatherable respawn

So, I’ve been hunting for a gatherable for days and have only found a few units worth and was thinking it would be very nice if they had random respawn times, to be more realistic and prevent spam deforestation. Also, the trees could really use something to show when they are ready to be harvested like all the others do, I’ve been wandering for days clicking trees only to have them shout “repeated clicks have caused this Item to Reset.” at me, even on ones I clicked once. They all look full grown and ready to harvest. Maybe a carved X in the bark or a scale change would be simple to do?

Our trees on our sim stay stumps until they are ready for harvest and then when they are full trees we are able to cut them. That’s enough of a sign for us. But the person who does the cutting is part of the same group as the tree, if that matters.

As for other gatherables, it does seem like there are folks who just strip every piece of fruit and mine every ore from the public communities, but there’s nothing to do, as long as it’s public - people will do it. I like having our fruit trees follow the time pattern they do because on our own sim we can schedule our time around it. I think the key is to really encourage people who use community resources to remember they are part of a community.


We will look into giving the owners of the objects the ability to randomise their spawns. The objects would keep the minimum spawn time, but then can randomise after that random time when it will respawn again up to a maximum. So a respawn of 3 hours might become 3 hours to 3.5 or 4 hours randomly in between?

And a respawn of 20 minutes might fluctuate between 20 mins and 40 mins or something like that?


I did have trees that were fully grown and not ready to cut yet. I did get an odd message with my trees this week about communication channels being closed. That was few hours after I did notice they were fully grown, but due to keeping track of times I knew they were not ready yet. I did try to cut them at the time and they did not even give me time remaining when i clicked it. I did not report it since they did work later that day. I know this is a bit of ramble, but thought I’d put in a word if anybody has future issues.


Thanks, yeah. The trees should not be showing as full trees unleas ready to harvest. It’s possible that it’s sl communications to the database causing some kind of error and triggering the tree to show before it is ready due to the length of time it takes for a tree to grow.

Never noticed this before and there’s not been a recent update to them so I’m going to guess issues with communications.

If it keeps happening, let us know, we will dig a bit deeper.