Fishing Tournament System

Fishing Tournament ability along with Score Boards and cross colony Leader Boards ( assign point values to the different fish) with bonus perks for fishing at multiple sims, etc. would be, in my opinion, far more exciting and entertaining than adding worms to my fish hook…

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If you want all that, wouldn’t a dedicated fishing game be more your cup of tea?

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My suggestion pertains to developing SLC products that incentivizes cross colony/sim interaction incorporating a community competitive element and encourages colony exploration and player interaction that goes beyond standing around an overpriced stone with alts answering trivia questions…


Yes, but there are already plenty of fishing games that do what you want - why not organize other colonies to get the same one and have contests with each other?

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I’ve been following this discussion closely and am thrilled to see so many thoughtful suggestions and ideas. It’s clear that fishing is an important part of SL Colonies for many of you, and we’re committed to making it as enjoyable and engaging as possible.

We plan to implement a fishing skill and bait system, where your experience improves the more you fish and the higher chance or better loot tables you can access. The idea of adding worms as bait aligns perfectly with this system.

As for the tournament system, it’s definitely on our radar. We envision a system where a sim owner can enable the tournament on their land, slightly changing the loot table and assigning weights to the fish caught. Ideas we’re excited about are achievements, badges, and even a leaderboard on our main website.

The concept of making fishing cross-colony is intriguing. We’d love to hear more about how you think this could work and be implemented. Are there any fishing systems out there that you particularly enjoy? What do you like about them, and what could be improved? How can we make the fishing system in SL Colonies better than what’s already out there?

However, I want to set expectations appropriately. While these discussions and ideas are welcome and valuable, implementing such a system and making it work would be quite far down the timeline. We’re committed to delivering a quality experience, and that takes time.

We’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas. Your input is invaluable as we continue to improve and expand the world of SL Colonies.

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Because its about the Devs creating SLC items where they gain the financial returns from the sales which in turn funds system development: They get nothing from colony members buying someone else’s product. I would think that would be obvious…

Unless someone pays up front for another fishing competition system before it’s written, then any financial gain from creating one is a gamble. Using an already made fishing system (or writing one yourself) is a way to get what you want now - plus you could tie it in with SL Colonies by offering rewards related to the game.

I didn’t say I wanted it now. I was offering a suggestion but I understand your PoV seeing as your profile states you are currently developing a fishing System…

Yes, that’s why I suggested it… :roll_eyes:

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