Fishing pool won't respawn

I bought a gatherable fishing pool recently and tried setting it to respawn with several positions, it won’t respawn, also, on other fishing pools and on mine, after the cast countdown is complete and it tells the results, it always says “4 times left to gather in [SLC] Fishing Pool v0.12.1.” it seems to be stuck on 4.

I’ve made a quick change.

Can you try it now? You may need to re-rez it to get the update I made on database.

It should count down from 5 now and when it hits 0 left it should despawn and respawn either in same place or other locations you have set.

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Hey @Rahbit, did the change work for you?

no it didn’t work. I haven’t checked it today tho.

I can confirm that I have fixed this issue for now. I want to improve a bit on it; however, currently, if you gather from a fishing pool and have multiple spawn points, it will go invisible for 5 seconds and respawn at one of your spawn points.

I want to make it so that you can gather up to 5 times from the same pool before it temporarily despawns to allow the spawn points feature to be used.

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