Fishing Experience - Worm Bait

I thought it might be nice to not have so many fishing misses. I know there is another topic on experience, but i was thinking along the lines of adding worms.

Worms could be a by product of making fertilizer (like seeds from the field) and fishing could have an optional ingredient, of… a worm.

perhaps a different fishing rod could be added that utilizes these worms, then people could continue to fish the way they always have with a “Fishing Rod” and those who want increased chance could use “Baited Fishing Rod” or something along those lines.

Hello and welcome to the SL Colonies community!

Firstly, thank you for your thoughtful suggestion. Your idea about introducing worms as a byproduct of making fertilizer and using them as bait to increase the chances of successful fishing is quite intriguing. We appreciate the time and thought you’ve put into this, especially as it aligns with some discussions we’ve had internally.

We’re excited to share that we’re planning to introduce skills into various features of our game, including fishing, gathering, mining, and harvesting. As players increase their skill levels, they’ll be able to perform these tasks faster or with a higher success rate. Your idea of using worms as bait aligns perfectly with this planned feature, potentially adding another layer of strategy for players looking to increase their fishing skill.

However, we also want to ensure that any new mechanics we introduce are balanced and integrate smoothly with the existing gameplay. To that end, we’re considering various factors such as the time or resource cost to obtain the worms and ensuring that the increased chance of catching fish is not too overpowered. We’re also thinking about the potential impact on the game’s economy and whether we need to introduce a mechanism to maintain the value of worms and avoid inflation.

From a technical standpoint, we’re assessing the feasibility of implementing these new mechanics and interactions. Rest assured, any new features we introduce will be thoroughly tested to ensure they enhance the gameplay experience without disrupting existing features or introducing bugs.

We’re excited about the potential of this idea and would love to hear more thoughts from the community. We’re considering creating a dedicated forum thread or poll to gauge interest and gather more ideas before deciding on implementation.

Once again, thank you for your contribution. We’re thrilled to have you as part of our community and look forward to more of your ideas and feedback.

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