Farmer Suggestion

While there appears to be no benefits to leveling a farmer: I am a lvl 7 farmer and there hasn’t been any new crops or seeds discovered,etc…so I would like to suggest that as a farmer increases in levels they gain the following benefits:

  • Discovery of new crops and seeds
  • A decrease in Energy consumption for farming tasks
  • An increase CXP for completed farming tasks
  • Because farming is physical, there should be minor increases to Strength and Constitution
  • Faster ploughing, planting, watering, and harvesting
  • Random discovery of buried items when ploughing fields
  • A quantity increase of gathered and harvested crops
  • A more potent Fertilizer

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

Currently, the farmer is the biggest CXP earner by a longshot.

The benefit you already get as a farmer through making CXP allows you to not only ‘level up’ but, more importantly, increase vital stats using your CXP, such as Strength and Constitution.

I believe all other classes need to be looked at to make them more balanced before even touching the farmer profession.

There are ideas to ‘reduce’ the amount of CXP a farmer makes by moving some of the crafting stations to other professions away from the farmer.

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I would agree. However, the CXP that I have been getting that has enabled me to elevate my stats in very little time, is, in my opinion, more of an exploit than a RP experience. The suggestions I presented is how I would see the Farmer class in a more balanced capacity in relation to the other classes instead of the current industrial dung/fertilizer making machine that I have become - MORE PIGS! :stuck_out_tongue:

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