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The Loom

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great thanks but the minigames don’t belong there. i’m here to do slc, if i want to play games i go to another platform. if the minigames stay in then please make them to turn off, thanks.

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There have been minigames since the start. The sharpening stone was the first years ago.

The second is the leather rack.

And now the loom.

You do not have to be a seamstress.

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right, i can buy the things too :slight_smile:

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The minigame is in the seamstress. Instead of you guessing ingredients for hard patterns with multiple coloured strings and string types (wool, cotton etc), you get told the ingredients needed and get to see the pattern/texture live.

We can probably make it so that once you have solved a puzzle it is remembered as a recipe. So no minigame for same texture.

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#temu, don’t misunderstand, the mini’s with the arrows are ok but if now logical or thinking tasks come where some may need 10min or longer for it, I don’t think that this promotes the profession! am curious how others think about it.

I don’t mind the minigames. To me they make it look like you are doing the profession - the scraping in the leather makes it look like you are scraping different directions. I would guess the weaving one does too for the loom. It just adds to the experience to me and it doesn’t take that long.


I don’t have any issues with minigames being part of the system, I have an issue with the webgl thing bcuz it just doesn’t work at all for me. Nothing has ever moved or allowed me to do anything after it loads, as if it’s just loading a screenshot of the app that has no function, then it stops media from playing and closes out to the click to load screen.

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