Exciting Updates to SL Colonies Vending System!

Dear SL Colonies Community,

We are thrilled to announce significant updates to our Single and Multi Item Vendors, designed to enhance your trading experience within the SL Colonies ecosystem. These updates bring a host of improvements and new features to streamline your commerce activities and provide more flexibility and control over your vending operations.

What’s New?

  • Update System Integration: Both Single and Multi Item Vendors can now be updated through our centralized update system. This means you can easily upgrade your vendors to the latest version without the hassle of manual replacements.
  • Enhanced Security System: We’ve integrated a built-in security system to ensure that your vendors and the items within them are protected against unauthorized access.
  • Stock Limit Feature: To prevent the flooding of your vendors with a single type of item, we’ve introduced a stock limit feature. This allows you to set maximum quantities for items, ensuring a diverse and balanced offering to your customers.
  • Improved Coding: The underlying code of our vending system has been optimized for better performance, reliability, and user experience. Expect smoother transactions and enhanced stability.
  • Decimal Pricing: A highly requested feature is here! You can now set prices using decimals, allowing for the sale and purchase of bulk items at more precise rates. This update removes the limitation of the minimum price being 1 coin, offering you and your customers more flexibility in trading.

How to Get the Update

To receive the updated scripts for your Single and Multi Item Vendors, please contact me directly. We will arrange for a transfer to ensure you have the latest version equipped with all the new features and improvements.

Why This Matters

These updates are part of our ongoing commitment to providing a seamless and enriched gameplay experience. By listening to your feedback and observing in-game trading dynamics, we’ve tailored these enhancements to meet the needs of our diverse community. Whether you’re a seasoned merchant or a newcomer to the SL Colonies marketplace, these updates are designed to support your success and satisfaction.

Your Feedback Matters

As always, we value your feedback and are eager to hear your thoughts on these updates. Your input helps us continue to improve and evolve the SL Colonies experience for everyone. Feel free to share your experiences, suggestions, or any issues you encounter with the new vending system.

Thank you for being a vital part of the SL Colonies community. We look forward to seeing how these updates enhance your trading ventures and contribute to the vibrant economy of our world.

Happy Trading!

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