Exciting New Additions to SL Colonies: Exclusive Patreon Rewards and Pirate's Treasure!

Village of Cyssan

We are thrilled to announce that we have some exciting new additions to SL Colonies.

For our valued Patreon supporters, we have introduced exclusive Gold Chests in the Platinum Store. Depending on your Patreon Tier, you can now exchange your monthly Platinum coins for these valuable chests! They come in three variants:

  1. Squire’s Chest: Available for 100 Platinum Coins, yielding 1 Gold SLC Coins when opened.
  2. Knight’s Chest: Available for 200 Platinum Coins, yields 2 Gold and 20 silver SLC Coins when opened.
  3. King’s Chest: Available for 500 Platinum Coins, opens up to reveal a grand 6 Gold SLC Coins!

This addition will provide you with a fantastic opportunity to convert your support into in-game wealth, offering you even more possibilities within SL Colonies.

But that’s not all! For all our avid fishermen and fisherwomen, you may now have a chance to reel in the rare Pirate’s Treasure while you’re out there fishing! This highly elusive catch carries a value of 3 Gold SLC Coins. Remember, it’s a rare find, so it will truly be a thrilling moment when you manage to hook this elusive bounty!

Get ready to embark on your new adventure, fellow Colonists. We are beyond excited to see your progress and victories in this ever-growing world of SL Colonies!

Happy gaming!

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Dear Sirs, The Pirate’s Treasure(*) is not available as rezzable on the HUD. Thank you for your attention.

Hello @axelnaxos2008, can you try it now?

great! tysm!


Congratulations on I think being the first player to find a chest during fishing!


Congratulations @axelnaxos2008 ! Definitely jealous, need to spend more time fishing so I can catch up!


If I remember correctly, it was on my third day in SLC and even during my first fishing try, when I received the Pirate’s Treasure. Great luck! I kept the empty box in my belongings - maybe a refill will happen on day? :wink:

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