Exciting Changes to SL Colonies Products for Enhanced Community Experience

Dear SL Colonies Community,

From its inception, SL Colonies was created to be a vibrant and open community, encouraging interaction, roleplay, and exploration. We’ve strived to create a system where our community members could freely share their world and creations with each other without fear of non-roleplay driven actions like griefing or unwarranted resource theft.

It is with this vision in mind that we made the decision not to include group security features or item lock options initially. We wanted to encourage roleplay and community interaction rather than setting up barriers. However, we’ve heard your concerns loud and clear, and we’ve observed behaviors that are far from the vision we held.

Some players have unfortunately chosen to disrupt the peaceful environment we intended, engaging in actions like land invasions, animal killings, or resource thefts without the intent to engage in roleplay. These actions are counterproductive to our initial vision of a harmonious and engaging community.

We understand that this has forced some colony owners to implement their own security measures, effectively contradicting the openness we initially envisaged for our system. We’ve taken these issues to heart, and we’re excited to announce that changes are on the horizon.

Introducing Enhanced Security and Customization Features

In the coming weeks, we will be rolling out new features to all SL Colonies items and stations:

Security Features: You will now have the ability to set the security level of each item to Public, Owner, Group, or Colony. This way, you can control who can interact with your items, be it everyone, only you, members of your group, or members of your colony.

Modify Feature: All items in the game will now be modifiable. This means you’ll no longer be restricted to our original meshes. Instead, you’ll have the freedom to modify these items to suit your own build and theme.

We believe these changes will help mitigate the negative experiences some members of our community have faced and, more importantly, allow our region owners to share their creations more freely. We envision SL Colonies to be a place where everyone can enjoy the worlds they’ve built without fear of disruptive actions, engaging with the larger Second Life community in meaningful ways.

Our goal has always been to build an inclusive, engaging, and fun community. We thank you for your patience and feedback, and we’re excited about the future of SL Colonies.

Stay tuned for these changes, and as always, happy building!

Your SL Colonies Team


I am for the changes that you speak of. I can have some resources that are there for the public and some that are reserved so that my little corner do not starve. and I like the thought of being able to make the equipment more Sci-fi if I wish.


Can’t wait to have everything mod so i can fuse it all into my Japanese sim. Suggestion is make a fully invisible fields so that its just a prim we can custom stretch over the fields we are using but data wise its growing what we tell it to grow just not visible to everyone.


This really is a great idea, as I do not like the given design of the fields at all.

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