Dyed fabric looses stats

if you dye cloth before sewing it into patterns apparently it looses al stats that the material would have imparted to the finished article. this is really an issue as some times I have to dye projects before I start sewing so I do not loos e track of what I am doing.

ok, I think i made an Adjustment that should fix the issue, and I think I have fixed the Items that were effected, please let me know… Heading out on Vacation now, See you all in a Month LOL

I will look later. Just had surgery IRL and need rest.


Not fixed

sorry to be a pain…

OK, I will fix the stats on those when I get time… Have you tries creating something new yet?

I will try but as I said I had Surgery yesterday morning and I am tired.

plain linen sheet to compare the number are right except durability

just made a cotton sheet to test and clearly it has the same error. I might have to find another way to deal with my projects other than color coding…

I will look at the whole process when I get back from vacation

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As you will be gone some time and I need to keep the colony going I have chosen to sell the muddled mess to a merchant Stall and will simply have to start over with another plan until you can manage to look into it further. It’s not ideal but it is just what I have to do.

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