Drying racks missing!

Herbalists know how to dry their herbs, which is necessary to make some potions. But is this the adequate way? Nobody acquainted with herbs and caring for them does it the way herbalists have to do it in SLC. So we really demand: simple but functional drying racks for our profession. They are not only useful for herbs but also for processing fruits of all kind. This would be an enrichment for the cooking process, too. So please consider supporting us in our efforts. Thank you.

you can build a drying rack using the current cooking station as a base by taking the root prim from the cooking station with scripts included and making it the root prim of a drying rack. the system was made modifiable for that reason. or if you like you can turn your cooking station into a modern oven or a microwave.

bear in m in mind the herbs will still burn if you leave them unattended.

The cooking stations are fully mod.

You could just modify a cooking station into a drying rack (at least in looks).

It’ll still be a cooking station in terms of features though and cxp.

forgive me if I get an evil chuckle since I more or less just said that @TemujinCalidius

I could also just set all dry herb recipes to work only on the herb table if ppl prefer.

then the cooks would have to get them all from the herbalist but that is doable

of course if the cooks use fresh it will not matter.

I think I am officially indifferent if the change is made. so long as the dry herb still have the sick gone @TemujinCalidius

Thanks for your ccontributions, @Sarrow and @TemujinCalidius . Great ideas to consider. In the end, I will start building a drying rack and use the root prim of the cooking station. I need that drying rack so much ;-). Only problem is the burning time of the cooking station, as herbs on drying racks won’t burn in RL. Except, well, if one uses an electric dehydrator. We will see what I will come forward with. If I am successful I might bother this forum with the finished product.


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