Did You Know? The Hidden Features of SL Colonies' Rezzable Food

Greetings, Colonists!

Today, we’re unveiling a hidden feature of our rezzable food that you might not be aware of. This feature adds a whole new level of depth to your roleplay scenarios and can be the key to some truly memorable moments.

Did you know that you can add potions to any food or drink in SL Colonies? Yes, you read that right! With a long left click on your mouse, you can add either positive or negative effects to a meal. Imagine setting up a grand feast for a king or other important figures. A mischievous character could sneak into the hall and poison some of the food while no one is watching. During the roleplay, an important person, perhaps even the king, could consume the food and fall ill or even die from poisoning!

But don’t worry, there are safeguards in place. Players with high enough Wisdom or Intelligence stats can detect if a food has been tampered with. They can even remove an effect or replace it with their own. However, their stats must be higher than the person who originally affected the food or drink.

We’ve prepared a short video to show you exactly how this works. Check it out and start adding a new layer of intrigue to your roleplay scenarios!

We can’t wait to hear about the creative ways you’ll use this feature. Share your stories with us!

Regardless of your stats, trust no one, don’t eat any rezzable food, and you’ll be fine!

Unless it’s all a part of your roleplay :wink:

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