Crafting Recipe Keeps Failing

Large Wooden Handle= 1x Medium Plank, 3xWood Scraps

This recipe won’t work with my Level 1 Carpenter. It says: Recipe failed! Tried several times. All other level 1 recipes work.

Any ideas? Thank You

No, that’s the correct recipe.

Are you still a Carpenter, or have you changed to another profession, and when you changed, you had not already learned the Large Wooden Handle recipe?

Its my carpenter complaining about it. He started with this profession. He is Lvl 1.

As long as he uses Wood Scraps and Medium Planks, not the fir, oak or maple varieties, it works like any other recipe.

I’d be surprised if it’s not working, being one of the most common recipes in the game to make tools.

You can try resetting the carpentry bench by doing a long-left click on it and clicking on reset to see if the table has perhaps bugged out.

I’ve checked the database, and the recipe given is correct and of the correct level requirement.

What’s his username? So I can check his inventory to make sure no ingredients have entered his personal inventory with some kind of typo, like having a space in it.

Reset worked. Recipe ok. Sorry for the alarm! Thanks for the tip.

No need to be sorry, that means it bugged out, and posting about it on the forums only helps the next user with the same issue :wink:

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