::UPDATE:: - Cooking Station

Cooking Station v0.13.0 has been rolled out and has new improvements to the experience.

You will need to re-rez your station for an update.

You can view the live stream on it here; ignore the part where I break the station creating a recipe; that bug has been squished before packaging and releasing to you:

Let us know of any issues you have and your thoughts in the comments below.

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But can we fry fish? :stuck_out_tongue:

So I rezzed three newly updated ovens but they are still not working for my gf. The HUD appears but is unresponsive to clicks. She tried all three ovens with the same non responsive results. She also tried detaching and reattaching her HUD and that didn’t resolve anything.

For me it just opens to the interface automatically.

Given it a few seconds to load and then just left click once?

Can she also check her bandwidth settings in firestorm, as well as media settings.

She did leave it to load… this station used to work for her for a few weeks so she knows how to use it. She has logged off for the night so I will ask her to look at her Bandwidth settings when she gets back on tomorrow but the last time we checked, when this problem began, it was the same as mine at 3000 kbps. Oh and we both use the default SL Viewer.

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Of course she knows how to use it. The change was the new gaming PC which comes with new downloads.

Could be a sl setting, could be a web browser or a video driver. Could be anything.

We’ve still not figured it out.

I like that it has a button for checking and a button for actual cooking. It was annoying to check and then it also cook it automatically.

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It was working fine for a little while with the new computer. It wasn’t working with the old computer but then SL in general was too much for that thing to handle.

She seems to think the problem began after a new HUD update. She has changed out her HUD.

Its the same situation with the Storage cabinets: The HUDS appear but then freezes on the “Click Here”…

And waits for the mouse cursor to change. Initially, it is like a finger, then an arrow or something similar. Then you click once and wait.

If it is clicked too soon, the whole thing will pause.

Yes we have tried varied lengths of time prior to clicking :slight_smile:

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