Cooking Question

Is the potency of a food item or drink limited by the level of the cook? My cook is lvl 4 and no matter what combination / quantities of ingredients are, for her four levels, she can’t get the stats beyond +/- 100 cap. Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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The maximum cap for player-created items is 100 on any stat.

The only people that can create items with stats of more than 100 are the admins.

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So the potions that I have purchased that exceed the 100 cap ( 159 Energy) is made/sold by an admin?

Potions are made by Herbalists (not cooks) using an alchemy station. They are not food.

Yes I am aware of the difference between potions and food and Cooks and Herbalists.
I just interpreted your statement “The maximum cap for player-created items is 100 on any stat.” as a generalized cross profession/ crafting restriction. So its just on cooking. Good to know - she has been struggling and investing a lot of time with trying to get beyond 100. :slight_smile:

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I did it too! I got up to Level 6 cook before I realized it was only allowing more ingredients, not allowing more (higher) stats for what I cook, and to be sure, I asked a cook that was in double digits (12 I think, level) and she confirmed it. Cook levels increase different number of ingredients. I don’t know for sure, but I feel/think that good potions still need good cooked stuff.