Compass - new Insects?

So far, I’ve found “wasps venom” and “scorpion” with a boatload of twigs and twine inbetween.

As I wandered around, imagining my character hunting for wasps, I imagined some bugs she might have come across, besides scorpions.

( All of which I imagine could be cooked or thrown into potions for fun results?! )

Also, not necessarily found while looking for wasps, but insects I considered with game-use:

earth worm/s – (is an earth worm technically an insect? I’m not sure…) might be a good connect to the improved fishing experience? Likewise, maybe added to a compost? Or better yet… make a worm-bed (half barrel tub with a spicket/pour spout at the bottom, filtered by a gravel bed within the barrel:) that the worms can be added to along with a little dirt, compost, used-news-parchements, corn husks etc, AND water to make worm-juice (compost juice,) a natural plant growth enhancer? For faster OR bigger yields?

beetles – for anything from their insides to their shells… Also had a fun stray thought about dung beetles collecting dung for people, at least so far as making a pile of poop you can collect… Hahahaha

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