Closing my colony UPDATED Oct. 6


After close to a year in SLC I have decided to close my colony and remove all of my SL Colonies assets due to a lack of interest and use, and to sell them off at Clearance prices!

I have the following assets for sale:

  • 8 x Apple Trees $L 85 ea.
  • 1 x Cooking Station $L 250
  • 10 x Compost Bins $L 50 ea.
  • 1 x Pottery Station $L 250
  • 1 x Basketweave Station $L 250

Items have moved. You can find my items here:

I applaud what the Devs achieved and I wish them success in the future. I look forward to exploring their off grid project. I will hang on to a few SLC essential elements in the event I decide to return.

Be sure to check out my Halloween Haunt while you are there.

Happy Halloween!


Have a nice move, wherever you may move to. And yes; I will make use of your clearance. Happy halloween to you, too!


Thanks but I am not moving. I simply no longer want to use the SLC system on my SIM. :slight_smile:

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