Clearance sale- only a few days left


I still have a few SLC items remaining a clearance prices. Grab them while you can as I will be removing all SLC items next week. Even if you don’t need them, the prices can’t be beat and you can gift them to someone for Christmas!

Remaining Assets Include:

  • 8 x Apple Trees L$85 ea.
  • 10 x Compost Bins L$50 ea.
  • 1 x Basketweaving Station L$250
  • 1 x Pottery Table L$250
  • 1 x Cooking Station L$250

Follow the SLURL posted.

Also, as part of my Halloween and 17th Rez Day Celebrations, I have placed 10 Free-2-Play Slot Machines with 12 different Halloween hanging wall plaques and 18 different Halloween Vintage Postcard Art Frames in the Satanic Visions Retail Area. All have a re-sizer script. See Pics

You get five daily plays on each slot with a chance to win either the Common, Uncommon, or Rare prize which are displayed but if you can’t wait to win, you can buy the item(s) for L$10 ea. I will probably add more slots the closer we get to Halloween!

Enjoy and Happy Halloween!

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