Cheesemaking idea

Cheesemaking for cooking.

have it where you make cheese curd, then into cheese depending on where it is placed in the world.

Mac & cheese, cheese burger, cheesecake. lets just say there are possibilites.

With the cooking station being modifiable, nothing is stopping someone from making a cheesemaking table mesh and using that as a cheese table, as the functionality would be essentially the same as a cooking station.

Since they are transfer, someone could set up a store of custom mesh items for SLC and sell those, if they so chose, as limited items.

Some ideas pop up for sausage making, smokehouses and so forth.

The only thing we would do as an official item is, perhaps (with sausage making) - give the butcher, and that end product a bonus effect to the stats which you might not get from cooking.

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