Changes to Harvesting Fields & Small Baskets

We’ve made some changes as requested by some of our community.

Previously, the small baskets you made as tools that had a durability of 20 uses would not only be used to harvest trees and such but would also be used on fields.

The way they were being used on fields was. You would use the durability of a sickle, but consume a full small basket which was useful as a tool to you.

Now, small baskets have been upgraded to give you 40 uses, which allows you to harvest 5 fruit trees before being broken and consumed, along with your other needs.

Fields now require a new item called a Harvest Bag. These are considered an ingredient, not a tool and have no durability. To make them, use 6 reed.

This should solve the intense usage of small baskets when they are so useful as a tool for other needs.


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