Can't restart chicken coop

I paused my coop few days ago so I could sync time with all my livestock, but I do not get option to restart when I try now. Menu just asks to start recipe. I do not want to reset because I already loaded items to start breeding.

Isn’t that what you are wanting though? Its asking you to start recipe, so if you start you are hopefully starting in sync now?

Am I understanding wrong?

Actually @doogz75 read here:

Pausing is for stations you sit on. Not for stations you walk away from and we need to building something in to prevent pausing the non sit stations.

You will unfortunately need to reset your station.

To sync, start fresh.

Well that should be fixed then so there shouldn’t be an option to pause. I am not crying about it, but that is work lost since I lost 3 chicken and bit of grain. I’d think fixing that would be a priority.

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Yeah. We mentioned we needed to fix it in that last post. Just looks like we lost track of it until jow since the issue has come back up.

@drakkhis - we will make this post solved once we come up with a solution for this one.

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Thanks for the reply. Hope I didn’t sound harsh lol. I know things are in beta so I am cool.