Can't collect what I distilled

[17:52] [SLC] Distillery: This Item was not crafted by you and is locked to only the creator collecting it for 1 hour 59 minutes 47 seconds. if it has not been collected in that time it is open for anyone to collect.

I made the Agave spirit and it will not let me collect it…

Let us know if the update has fixed this issue :slight_smile:

[22:55] [SLC] Distillery: You have sucessfully Crafted a LS Lonestar Whiskey
[22:55] [SLC] Distillery: Your 50 LS Lonestar Whiskeys are ready to collect.
[22:55] [SLC] Distillery: PeterSix Ocelot you received 50 of item: LS Lonestar Whiskey
clearly the update worked.

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That’s terrific :slight_smile:

Let the Distilling begin!!

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