[Bug Report] Infusion

While working on infusions I was using one of Vudon’s famous lemonades.

Once it was infused it was named:

Sorrel Infused Lemonade

The name is too big for the button in the dialogue box and returns a script error. The name must be 24 characters or fewer.

This cancels out the dialogue box and makes any other infusions or potions inaccessible.

the new stations comming out this week will be fixing the issue

What station is having the problem, i can do it next.

The alchemy station.

Its just because of the name it assigned

(Herb) infused (liquid)

It adds a lot of characters to an already existing name.

The Alchemy station should not be throwing an Error because of the Name… When Is it giving you the error?

Its not the station itself.

The station renames an infused object.
It uses the name (herb) infused (original liquid)

In this case

(Sorrel) infused (Lemonade)

This exceeds the ability of the dialogue buttons to handle.

So when trying to use a potion from in the inventory it bugs out because its trying to display that extremely long in a dialogue button which i cannot do.

Ahh Ok, Yes, I need to do an update to the HUD to handle the Long Names, the updates to the Stations are going out to handle it, but I will work on an update for the HUD to habndle it as well… The Update to the Herbalist table has just been issued to handle it.

Since theres been no further reported issues yet, I am marking this topic solved and auto closing within 24 hours of no further responses.

No further issues have been discovered.

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